At the ITF WORLD TENNIS TOUR – Grand Palace Cup by Formula TX, the first round basic matches are over.

On Wednesday February 3 the matches of the first round of the international professional tennis tournament ITF MEN`S WORLD TENNIS TOUR – Grand Palace Cup by Formula TX with the prize pool of 15 000 USD ended at the courts of the Tennis Formula in Lahta.
No. 352 ATP No. 1 from Great Britain Ian Choinski defeated Estonian Daniil Glinka 6/1, 6/4. Choyinski was beaten by Czech Andrew Paulson (763) 6/3, 6/3 against Russian Andrei Chepelev (678). Russian Artem Dubrivniy (429) defeated Patrik Rikl of Czech (668) 6/2, 6/3, and another Russian representative Alibek Kachmazov (798) beat Pole Daniel Michalski (432) 6/2, 7/5. Vladimir Ivanov (717), representing Estonia, defeated Italian Andrea Guerrieri (766) by 6/4, 7/5.
Meanwhile, Moldavian Alexander Cozbinov (756) earned a 6/2, 3/6, 6/4 victory over Slovakian Matich Spek, and Russian Petr Bar-Biryukov, who got through to the qualifier, lost to his compatriot Bogdan Bobrov (430) by a score of 3/6, 3/6.
Finally, Alexander Vasilenko (876) from St. Petersburg came out victorious in the Russian derby against Maksim Ratnyuk 6/1, 6/4.
In doubles the number one seeded pair of Evgeny Tyurnev-Danil Golubev defeated the Italian duo of Lorenzo Bocchi-Andrea Guerrieri 1/6, 6/3, 10-5. The fourth seeded pair Artem Dubrinnyov-Alexey Zakharov defeated the Russian tandem of Andrey Chepelev-Boris Pokotilov with 6/1, 6/3. Meanwhile Russians Mikhail Fufygin and Roman Nashatyrkin defeated the international duo of Shalva Janashiya (Russia)-Vladimir Ivanov (Estonia) with 6/1, 1/6, 10-7. The second seeded pair Konstantin Kravchuk-Maksim Ratnyuk overcame the Petr Bar-Biryukov-Nikolai Murzaev tandem with 6/3, 6/3.
We remind, the matches will start at 10.00 o’clock in the morning on the courts of the Tennis Formula shopping center (Lahta, Petrovskaya alley, 4, building 2, structure 1,2).
See the schedule of the game day daily on the official website of the tournament ( Also the information about the competitions will be posted in the social networks of Tennis-Hockey Formula (,,, and in the social networks of Tennis Formula (,,